Waltz products are made in Australia

Made Here

While it is more expensive to manufacture in Australia, the benefits are well known. Reduced carbon footprint from fewer shipping miles, the ease of communication and quality control, faster turn around on product, but there are other benefits which we put a greater value on, and are why we will continue to manufacture locally.

For us it is about supporting people, the people who form our community. Encouraging these small makers to keep operating for their livelihoods and the livelihood of their industry. To enable them to support staff and transfer their skills to the next generation, skills which some have spent a lifetime honing.

It's being able to meet and speak with people face to face. Learn a bit about them and know that their workplaces are safe and ethical. Supporting brands like Waltz gives you, the buyer, the opportunity to know where your products are made and know that they have been created with care.

Waltz manufacture with a small metal turner and a number of metal fabricators in the Brisbane area. We are selling directly online rather than through retailers in order to keep the cost of these beautiful, Australian made products, affordable and accessible for many.



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