Warranty, Care & Maintenance


5 Year Structural Warranty

Care & Maintenance

Powdercoated Steel
Wipe regularly with warm soapy water, dry using a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners or strong solvents. Do not allow dirt to accumulate. Rough treatment of powdercoated products can result in scratching or chipping of the coated suface, this is not covered under warranty.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel products become more beautiful with use, however regular maintenance will keep the stainless finish clean and bright. For best results to maintain stainless steel products, wash with soap or mild detergent and warm water followed by rinsing with clean cold water, wipe dry to prevent marks from forming.

Uncoated brass will wear and age over time. These products will generally tend to darken slightly on the areas that are infrequently touched and lighten or highlight on the areas that are contacted on a consistent basis. Soaps, acidic fluids, and astringent cleaners can damage the finish. Avoid using abrasive pads, sponges, or cloths to clean the product. Do not allow water spots to dry on the object. Regular cleaning and polishing with a brass polish will maintain the original beautiful brass finish and will also protect it against fingerprints, water marks, and rapid oxidation. Apply polish with a clean soft cloth, and wipe clean before it dries.