Waltz Minimal Place Shelf and Hooks in Matt White

Buying consciously, living minimally

We are living in a world of consumerism, of fast fashion and now fast homewares. Trend-oriented seasonal cheap homewares are rampant and can be found just about anywhere from the hardware store to the grocery store and everywhere in between!

Fortunately this excess has bred a more conscious consumer and in turn more conscious brands, with a greater concern for the environment, ethical practices and quality products designed with integrity.

If you are questioning the way in which you have been buying, or want to live with less but more meaningful objects, we’re with you! One way to ensure you are not about to board the trend train, is to ask yourself these simple questions before making your next purchase.

  1. Who made this? If I asked the brand would they be likely to know, or be willing to tell me?
  2. Does that price reflect the work that has gone into making this product. Is it too cheap to be true? Does it feel like someone’s losing out, perhaps this product has not been made ethically.
  3. Do I need this, is it useful, will I get lots of use out of it?
  4. Will it last? Is it of good quality. Is it of a style that will still be appealing to me in years to come?
  5. Do Iove it? If you are going to live with less ‘stuff’, it is important that the objects you do surround yourself with are things you either need or love. If you need it AND love it then even better!

Remember, when creating a home, don’t rush, create it slowly, with care and great intention.


Waltz Mindful Home