The 'Ceremony' series is an adaptable family of small vessels, designed primarily as incense and candle holders, to bring simple beauty and calm to everyday rituals. Made from robust stainless steel and brass they will last a lifetime. Ceremony is hand polished to a high shine, no clear coat has been applied, this will lead to the honest materials producing a lovely patina the more they are used.

Ceremony comes as a set and comprises:

1 x CMY-01 Tealight candle holder (304 stainless steel)
1 x CMY-02 Dinner candle holder (304 stainless steel)
1 x CMY-03 Incense/candle holder (385 brass)

Designed by Waltz, made in small batch runs by a boutique machinist in Brisbane, Australia.

CMY-01 - OD55mm x H38mm
CMY-02 - OD38mm x H62mm
CMY-03 - OD38mm x H25mm

Total set - 1kg

Due to being a hand finished product, minor variations and imperfections may occur.

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